Gratitude Oracle

Китай, под контролем австралийского издательства
55 карт + инструкция на английском языке (132 стр.)
Размер упаковки
12,5 х 16,5 х 4 см
600 г
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Greet your world with grace, resolve, and assurance with this glorious deck from Angela Hartfield and Josephine Wall. The practice of gratitude lifts your head and heart into a soulful place of calm, peace, and wonder. This deck combines whimsy and wisdom to deepen your appreciation for the gifts of life to help you build resilience, embrace hope, and discover the joy available to you each day. Contemplate these beautiful images and messages to renew your relationship with yourself and the world. Choose a card for daily inspiration or guidance on a specific matter for yourself and others.

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