The Zen of Animals

36 карт + инструкция на английском языке
300 г
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This deck draws on the oneness of creation and works with the symbolism and strengths of 36 animals to prompt insight and clarity. While we can identify with some more than others, all the beings of Mother Earth have wisdom for us. We can trace our evolution back to the same spark as the bee, the dolphin, and the elephant. Other creatures are linked to us through myth and imagination. We hold the aspects of the natural world within us. Choose a card with intention to evoke its energies and awaken the power of Horse, the luck of Dragon, or the wise patience of Owl. For a daily message select a card or use one of the card layouts to answer your questions. The guidebook provides meaning and reminders to further your interpretations along with Zen quotes to expand your awareness.

Pamela Mathews, a creative ‘goddess artist,’ loves to explore the Divine and beauty of nature, myth and art and in so doing inspire and encourage the ‘seeking soul.’ Pamela has always earned her living entirely from her creativity, initially as a graphic artist in Wellington, New Zealand, then in a prestigious advertising department in Sydney, Australia. Her visionary art is now widely exhibited.

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